Commercial Irrigation: The What, Whys and Wheres

Commercial irrigation is a broad term that can apply to multiple types of processes that supply water to an area of crops or landscaping. Reasons vary for choosing to irrigate your land so here are the basics of commercial irrigation.

  • Crops – Crops are the primary reason for irrigation of large farms. This process consists of a few methods of irrigation, pivot irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and surface irrigation. Depending on your reason for the system, will determine the method. The most common reason to irrigate would be location. Depending on the amount of rainfall that your land receives will dictate the levels of water needed to sustain large amounts of crops. Concerned about the amount of water used to sustain your farm? Consider a drip irrigation system where the water drips at root level which saves water as evaporation does not have a chance to take place. If you have a smaller farm and are looking for a cheaper alternative, consider sprinkler irrigation, the most common form. The sprinklers will move independently and cover large areas at a time, thus decreasing man-hours to complete the task. Ultimately, saving you time and money.
  • Company Landscaping – Are you a business looking to have lush greenery all year long? Then company landscaping and irrigation services are perfect for impressing clients with your neat and tidy appearance. Sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation are still the best forms of watering for your needs. These affordable options are perfect for companies that work in warm and often dry climates, such as Texas and other areas in the south. The benefits of installing irrigation would include, cost effective watering (by setting sprinklers to a timer to reduce overuse), as well as hassle-free maintenance. Working with a professional for your irrigation needs will ensure quality and repair through the lifetime of the system.

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