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Why Tree Service Is Important During Change of Season

water-340465_1920As the winter months change to spring, you’ll start to notice that the whole world seems more alive. The birds will be singing, the squirrels will be running, and the air will be crisp and clear. One of the biggest changes will be in the trees, as they shed their crowns of snow and begin to sprout new leaves.

As the trees start to take on new growth, you should be prepared to get some tree service done to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Here are a few benefits of getting your trees serviced as the seasons change.

Keep Your Space Looking Nice

You put in a lot of work to keep your yard in tip top condition. You set up commercial irrigation near Irving, TX to have your trees and lawn kept green and lush. You pay good money for expert landscaping. However, all of that time and expense will go to waste if your customers drive up to see a bunch of ugly, ragged trees dotting your property.

Your first visual impression is extremely important, and your customers will judge you by your upkeep. Make sure to wow your customers from the first moment they lay eyes on your building by paying for some good tree service.

Remove Hazards

An irregular, overhanging branch is more than just an ugly protrusion. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Branches that dip low over the road or sidewalk can clothesline passing bicyclists or joggers, and a branch that snaps off and lands in the road can cause a serious car accident. This is a particular problem in the spring, when new growth can make top-heavy branches unstable.

Don’t lose your quarterly revenue in a huge lawsuit just because your tree needed a trim. Make sure to get qualified tree service before the weight of new leaves causes a branch to snap apart.

Reasons Irving Businesses Might Want to Get Rid of Their Trees: Part II

2As mentioned in a previous post having unsightly landscaping in front of your business can be a big turnoff to clients, business partners and even your employees. Working with a commercial tree service in Irving, TX can be a great alternative to having unappealing overgrowth and dead trees as the curb appeal to your business.

Overgrowth – When trees grow too large, their branches can entangle in power lines or shed debris all over windows and roofs. Tree roots that have grown out of control disrupt piping and wiring in the ground and can even causing your business to shut down if these pipes burst and need to be fixed. Get an expert in to examine your large trees as soon as possible to avoid these scenarios.

New Landscape Design – Diseased or overgrown trees that have to go can be replaced with smaller, healthier trees, bushes, flowers, and topiaries. Even healthy trees can be trimmed or removed to fit an exterior design idea. Take advantage of the year-round warm Irving weather to craft a company lawn that both stuns and comforts everyone who visits your property.

Work with the best commercial landscapers to design a company office, warehouse, store, or headquarters exterior that shows off your company’s coexistence with the beauty of nature. Trees are absolutely a part of a beautiful landscape, but they can also cause damage to your business if you don’t remove them when necessary.

Reasons Irving Businesses Might Want to Get Rid of Their Trees: Part I

1A well-manicured lawn and beautiful bushes and other flora make a business more inviting and attractive to clients, investors, colleagues, and employees. If you’ve got the land space, trees provide more character to company lawns. However, there are actually instances in which your business should consider removing the trees on the property. But that doesn’t mean your lawn will be left barren.

  • Disease – Hire experts from the best commercial tree service in Irving, TX has to offer to examine the health of the trees on your property. Trees last for decades — even hundreds of years — under the best circumstances, but disease can rot them away, leaving them withering. Eventually they lose their leaves and shed pieces of bark unattractively all over your lawn. Sometimes infestations caused by insects attack even young trees. Remove the tree early before it becomes an unsightly and even dangerous part of your property. Diseased trees are more likely to fall over during storms.

Are you in need of tree removal in Irving, TX or the surrounding areas? Contact us at, today, for more information. We provide a high quality and qualified remediation of diseased or dying trees near your business! Speak with a representative today at 214.388.4475 or by email at

Lawn Maintenance Service in Texas

For the most skilled and experienced commercial landscaping contractor in the Irving, Texas area, look no further than On Duty Tree & Landscape Service. We’ll take care of your commercial property with our extensive lawn maintenance service in Texas that is designed to fit your property’s needs.

From irrigation systems to landscaping designs, we do it all. We are fully insured to handle a wide range of services and properties of any size. Our team of professionals arrives well-equipped for each job and with the right tools in tow.

We perform regular lawn maintenance in Texas for your property, as well as emergency services. You can be sure that you will find your property left well-groomed after each service is performed. Let us take care of your property before extensive problems can arise.

Our premium services include the following:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Grounds and property maintenance
  • Commercial landscape maintenance
  • Apartment lawn maintenance
  • Seasonal and preventive landscape treatments

Take advantage of the lawn maintenance service in Texas that your property deserves from On Duty Tree & Landscape Service. Contact us today for more information!

Tree Removal Services near Dallas, TX

As a professional tree removal and landscaping company in Irving, Texas, we perform all of our own services at a variety of property types. We do not sub-contract our jobs to outside companies or individuals. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals will arrive promptly and in uniform so you can be sure our services are performed to the highest standards and with integrity.

Whether your property is in need of emergency tree removal services near Dallas after inclement weather conditions swept through or you are looking for a maintenance care plan to keep the property looking neat and beautiful, we’re your source. We use top-of-the-line equipment to perform our services on your property. Not to mention, we take care of each piece of our equipment to ensure that it is working properly so that each job will run smoothly and turn out as you hoped it would.

In need of tree removal services near Dallas in emergency situations? No problem. We offer our services 24/7 in the event that you need us at any hour of the day. We’ll be glad to tend to your needs and restore your property to its original condition. We’ll get your property back to normal before customers or business partners notice any damage.

For more information about our services and what On Duty Tree & Landscape Service can do for you, contact us today at 214-388-4475.

Tree Service Grapevine, TX – Trimming and Pruning

1While both trimming and pruning can be done to trees for a number of reasons, the majority of the time it is for human safety or for reasons that will benefit the health of the tree. For example, if there is a danger present due to branches growing into electrical wires or structures like homes, garages, and businesses, these are reasons to trim or scale back branches to keep people safe from harm.

If dead, broken or rotting branches are present, these can be harmful to the overall health of the tree. These are especially harmful if a fungal contamination or insect infestation has occurred.

The pruning approach is typically performed to remove unnecessary branches or roots. Pruning is considered to be reserved for the more mature trees, and will improve the health and safety of the plant life.

Trimming is often used in commercial landscaping services. This approach may be performed to correct the appearance of the tree, in terms of symmetry or dense foliage. Trimming is sometimes reserved for thickets, fruit trees, hedges, and shrubbery. Trimming will promote healthy tree growth and will remove lower-lying branches in order to discourage animals from eating them.

For comprehensive tree service Grapevine, TX, turn to On Duty Tree & Landscape Service. We’ll deliver the professional trimming and pruning services for the trees on your property in and around the Grapevine area. Contact us today to learn more!