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Reasons Irving Businesses Might Want to Get Rid of Their Trees: Part II

2As mentioned in a previous post having unsightly landscaping in front of your business can be a big turnoff to clients, business partners and even your employees. Working with a commercial tree service in Irving, TX can be a great alternative to having unappealing overgrowth and dead trees as the curb appeal to your business.

Overgrowth – When trees grow too large, their branches can entangle in power lines or shed debris all over windows and roofs. Tree roots that have grown out of control disrupt piping and wiring in the ground and can even causing your business to shut down if these pipes burst and need to be fixed. Get an expert in to examine your large trees as soon as possible to avoid these scenarios.

New Landscape Design – Diseased or overgrown trees that have to go can be replaced with smaller, healthier trees, bushes, flowers, and topiaries. Even healthy trees can be trimmed or removed to fit an exterior design idea. Take advantage of the year-round warm Irving weather to craft a company lawn that both stuns and comforts everyone who visits your property.

Work with the best commercial landscapers to design a company office, warehouse, store, or headquarters exterior that shows off your company’s coexistence with the beauty of nature. Trees are absolutely a part of a beautiful landscape, but they can also cause damage to your business if you don’t remove them when necessary.