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Tree Service Grapevine, TX – Trimming and Pruning

1While both trimming and pruning can be done to trees for a number of reasons, the majority of the time it is for human safety or for reasons that will benefit the health of the tree. For example, if there is a danger present due to branches growing into electrical wires or structures like homes, garages, and businesses, these are reasons to trim or scale back branches to keep people safe from harm.

If dead, broken or rotting branches are present, these can be harmful to the overall health of the tree. These are especially harmful if a fungal contamination or insect infestation has occurred.

The pruning approach is typically performed to remove unnecessary branches or roots. Pruning is considered to be reserved for the more mature trees, and will improve the health and safety of the plant life.

Trimming is often used in commercial landscaping services. This approach may be performed to correct the appearance of the tree, in terms of symmetry or dense foliage. Trimming is sometimes reserved for thickets, fruit trees, hedges, and shrubbery. Trimming will promote healthy tree growth and will remove lower-lying branches in order to discourage animals from eating them.

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